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      Rigid and Flexible Pour Foam:
      Our pour foams range from 2.0 to 30 p.c.f. in rigid foam and 2.2 to 18 p.c.f. in 
      the flexible and semi foams and come in 245FA, water blown and hydrofluorocarbon blown. 

     Applications utilizing polyurethane rigid and flexible pour foams:

     Void fill - molded parts - panel manufacturers - archery target manufacturers 
     Coast Guard flotation foam - refrigeration panels - picture frames - furniture parts


     Flexible "Foam-in-Place" Packaging Foam

    IMPACT provides Foam-in-Place flexible foam for shipping your company's products to customers 
    around the world.  Just fill the box around the designated product, protected in plastic and encase 
    it in the polyurethane foam. Products come in multiple densities and fire retardant formulas. It is 
    also a great option for shipping centers where customers are looking to ship their valuable or fragile 
    items without the risk of damage during transit. 
Each formula is available in multiple densities and 
    can be formulated with a fire retardant.

    Are You Looking For Foam-in-Place Dispensing Equipment!

     Utilizing the EZ Flow Dispensing equipment is an easy and economical way to package and ship 
     your  products safely

                                                  GHC 110 & 220 Systems:

     CALL US FOR A FRIENDLY QUOTE ON AN EZ-FLOW SYSTEM                                      
  • Transformer
  • Gun                      
  • Hoses 
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Hose Hanger
  • Tray

             All you need is electricity & a compressed air system


Sealed Air Systems many different systems for the foam in place industry. From automated systems to baggers, to the commonly used 901 system. Sealed air offers many types of foam in place options specializing in all electric systems.


If you are in need of a proportioner for pouring low or high density pour foam we have a large selection of machines for your needs. Please go to our machines page.

 PMC Line of Proportioners
  • PH-40 Classic hydraulic
  • PH-25 Classic hydraulic
  • PH-20 hydraulic
  • PA-25 pneumatic
  • PMCA-16-1600; 

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